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How to record better video

If you're not so used to recording video, this 8 tips will quickly enhance the quality of your recordings.


Remember to set the correct date and time in your camera

If you're using your mobile phone to record video you don't need to worry about setting the date and time. It happends automatically

But if you're using a normal camera to record video you need to make sure the date and time is correct.

This is important because an incorrect date and/or time will result in a wrong timestamp in the bottom right corner of the videos. The order of the videos and photos will also be incorrect.

Also remember to set the date with every change to daylight saving time!


Hold the mobile phone correct

Even though you can hold the mobile phone vertically when you record video, it is better to hold i horizontally instead. A horizontal recording fits better to e.g. your computerscreen or TV.

When the video recording at some point needs to be watched on a TV screen, the vertical format will result in a narrow picture centered on the screen and a lot of black empty space on each side of it.

This can be avoided by always holding the mobile phone horizontally when you record video.

Don't despair if you recorded video vertically. It's still useable. - But the horizontal video recordings are recommended for best results.


Avoid shaky recordings

The more steady the recording is, the more pleasant it is to watch later. Shaky videos are hard for others to follow. Luckily there are some simple techniques you can use, to help you make a steady recording.

Use both hands and stand still, if possible, or move as slowly as you can. Be sure you turn your whole body if you want to pan, and keep your arms in the same position and close to your body.

Many mobile units give you the opportunity to enable a stabilizor, which also helps to make a more steady recording.


Optimize the settings

Did you remember to change your mobile phone or cameras settings for best performance in the actual setting or are you just hitting record and going with the standard settings it came with?

Make sure your mobile phone or camera at least records 30 pictures per sec and uses a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full High Definition and the 16:9 aspect ratio. This will ensure your recordings have a good quality.


Use the light to your advantage

Avoid recording video in direct sunlight. Instead try to find a better angle to record from, or position yourself in a way that makes something else block the sun if possible.

Too little light can also be a problem that results in poor and useless recordings. If adding more light is not a possibility, you can try changing your camera / mobile phones settings to "party" or "night", which can be used just in case of poor light situations.

Just remember to change the settings back again when you're done to avoid unintentional "night" condition recordings.


Many short video recordings are better than one long one.

Too long videos can quickly get boring. That's why we recommend that each video recording lasts around 2 minutes (there are exceptions like e.g. speeches and the like, that you want in its full lenght).


Sort before you send to us

VideoAlbum.dk include every video recording we receive, so before sending your video recordings and photos to us, look it through and remove what you don't want included in the final videoalbum.

For example blurry photos, unfortunate moments caught on camera or video, many similar photos (where ideally you should pick the best one).


Where is it

It is a good idea to start by recording a few clips "outside" to show where the event took place. A short clip of the building from the outside, and the premises from the inside.

Is there a detail you'd like to include, e.g. a beautiful set table, you can record a short video or take a photo of the small details.