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Currently, we can create "The classic video album" for you. In the near future we'll also be able to offer "The extended video album".

The classic video album

The classic video album

One big event divided into chapters accessible from a static menu.

The classic video album suits all kinds of big events. Examples can be your wedding, christening or confirmation of your children. It can also be a special birthday party or a holiday trip.

The classic video album typically only contains footage from a single event, and contains in-depth video with a total length of up to an hour or more. Because of this detailed content, it is typically split up into chapters, each with video from different parts of the day.

The extended video album

The extended video album

Many small events stretching over many years, indexed in a searchable list resulting in dynamic playlists.

The extended video album can be considered to be a kind of everyday album, containing a few minutes of video from every little event you attend. It's the video version of the old-fashioned photo album, and will thus typically contain video from several years - maybe even decades.

There are no chapters as such on an extended video album, and the menu-system differs a lot from that of a classic video album. An extended video album generates dynamic playlists based on your search criteria. In December, for example, you could choose watch videos from all previous Christmases, simply by selecting "Christmas" as a filter option.

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Which video album should I choose?

The two video albums are suitable for different kinds of recordings. Typically, if you like to record a little bit of video from every little event you attend, you would probably be interested in the extended video album. And if you prefer to only record video at bigger events (but record a lot), then you'd probably be interested in the classic video album.

There are exceptions though: You may wish to have a classic video album containing all recordings from a certain year. That's essentially putting a small extended album into a classic album, and that's fine too.

While the classic video album typically contains about an hour of video from a single event, the extended video album would typically contain many smaller events and only 10-15 minutes of each.

If you have a classic video album you want to convert to an extended video album, you would typically shorten it down a bit to only contain the highlights.

While the classic video album comes on several different media-formats, the extended video album only comes as a Blu-ray Disc or a Blu-ray ISO file. The required technology simply isn't available for a DVD or a USB stick.

An extended video album can grow over the years. Simply send us the recordings you wish to add to your existing collection. Then we'll send you a new Blu-ray Disc.